Why DAG?

Mould perfection

Treat yourself to quality

Dag strives to offer its clients a high quality and reliable product, in the shortest time possible, this is why we are constantly investing in development, new technology, modernisation of our machinery and education of our employees.

Goal = to exceed the expectations of our clients!

The goal of the company is to exceed the expectations of our clients and maintain positive long-term business relationships. We assure high quality services with good organisation and with our many excellent attributes.


Our research and experience based knowledge helps us solve problems which arise during the production process of technically demanding products.

Years of experience

The experience we have achieved during 35 years of work in the field of injection moulds manufacturing allows us to make products which are functional and of a high quality.

Our design team

Our own design team works with the client and the toolshop to assure the most optimal solutions for production and use of thermoplastic injection moulds.

Modern software

We can prevent later problems with injection moulding already in the injection mould planning phase with the help of modern software for performing injection moulding simulation.

Knowledge & development

Our team is made up of experienced and educated personnel, with more than 30% of employees being engineers; we also take care of additional education and knowledge transfer within our team.

Quality materials

We only use quality raw materials for our injection moulds, which we purchase from reliable and recognised suppliers (Meusburger, Hasco, Boehler, Thermoplay…).

Modern technology

We use modern and high quality technology, our machine park is updated every year, CNC machines are already standard, and have started with the robotisation of production processes..

Fast feedback

We have the opportunity to test our injection moulds on our own injection moulding machines, once they are ready for testing. This enables us to get feedback on the functioning of the injection mould in the shortest possible time and to optimise the mould in accordance with the clients’ wishes.

Our own measuring laboratory

Our own measuring laboratory allows us the constant opportunity to accurately check measurements and dimensions of semi-finished and finished products, so that the final product is manufactured within tolerance.

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