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Plastic products are becoming increasingly complex and spread, so there are many challenges in their manufacture. One of them is the production of a product from more than one material

Due to such a need, our client inquired after two injection moulds for thermoplastics.

The production of two injection moulds results in relatively high costs:

  • high initial investment,
  • increased capacity occupancy - two machines,
  • more handling of products,
  • injection moulding requires more employees or a robot,
  • more mistakes can occur,
  • intermediate stocks are higher, etc.

In such a case, we can find a solution by means of a multicomponent injection moulding technology.


The multicomponent injection moulding means that the product is composed of two or more, in respect of the structure and properties various thermoplastics. A manufacturing method of the multicomponent moulding has been developed in order to reduce the manufacturing costs of complex products, as we can produce a product composed of two or more different materials with a single tool in one injection moulding step or cycle.

In the case of multicomponent injection moulding, we make use of special machines or upgrading of one-component, conventional machines. Multi-component machines have more injection units, which are installed at various locations; horizontally, vertically, on the side, offset by a certain angle, etc.

In the case of multicomponent injection moulding, various materials are used, which completely agglutinate during the process of injection moulding. The materials may be the same or not. In case the materials are totally incompatible, we can produce a variety of moving compounds. Material combinations are endless, as every day new combinations and versions of existing materials appear.
Montažna brizgalna enota

Multicomponent injection moulding machines differ from classic machines in that they have more injection units and other devices that allow multicomponent injection.

If multicomponent injection moulding machines are not available or are costly unacceptable, we have the possibility to use alternatives, i.e. a mounting kit of injection unit. It is an integrated injection moulding system, which can be used practically on all machines. The mounting injection unit is mounted directly onto a fixed part of the tool. They are especially suitable for smaller injection moulding masses, so they are more frequently used in injecting secondary components.

In order to solve the challenges of our client, we proposed manufacturing one injection mould with an additional injection unit integrated on the mould, so that we could get a multicomponent product.

Therefore, in our injection mould, there are two cam inserts. After injecting the first component, the first insert shifts away and makes room for the second insert, which draws nearer to the engraving. The second insert creates a form for the second component.

Such design allows a 2k-technology by maintaining almost the same mould sizes, because the mould remains in form of one nest. This represents demanding design solutions due to complex kinematics of the mechanism.




  • Lower initial investment, as there is no need to manufacture two tools,
  • there was no need for investment into a new 2k-injection-moulding machine,
  • shorter total manufacturing time,
  • release of capacities, as the entire process is carried out on a single machine,
  • lower costs, since there is no need for handling two products,
  • lower storage costs.

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